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Site Construction

In the time it takes to read this sentence, a typical website visitor will have already decided whether or not to stay on your website.

We create stylish and dynamic sites that will grab the interest of your visitors, steering them to explore and discover your company’s unique point of interest.

The term ‘web design’ is possibly one of the most misused in the IT industry. True website design is not just about the effective use of images and shapes, it’s about maximising return of investment by creating an accessible, functional interface between your business and your clients.

There are many websites which are graphically spectacular, but fundamentally fail to deliver their message because they are confusing, uninformative or awkward to navigate.

How Ardant Can Help:

New companies looking to launch their business

Whilst organising a website for any new company may seem a daunting task, it is considered a prerequisite for a successful business – with the expansion of global competition the only way to keep up is to establish your own online market. We cover all aspects of establishing your online presence, including:

  • Domain registration – we can register names on your behalf and manage DNS and renewal processes automatically
  • Web hosting – we can provide rock-solid platforms for your web, email and offline storage requirements
  • Logo creation – our experienced design team can work with you to create an eye catching and memorable logo
  • Stationary printing – we can provide artwork and layout for all your stationary needs
  • Online advertising – Ardant can efficiently manage online advertising
  • Website design – all of our designs are bespoke and tailored specifically to your business

Established companies looking for a revamp of existing sites

Consider how many times a traditional high street business changes its window display. The internet is no different – for your site to retain the interest of visitors, it is beneficial to update your content and at intervals, present a different face. We can help you to:

  • Revamp old content and designs that are beginning to look dated
  • Update company information to reflect organisational changes
  • Upgrade to the latest technologies to keep your site one step ahead of the competition
  • Fix compatibility issues with updated web browsers
  • Recover from digital vandalism or virus attacks and respond to newly discovered vulnerabilities

Updating your website with fresh content will also help with SEO – search engines love new content!

Established companies looking to launch a new product

If you feel you already have a great site but want to add new sections while retaining your established corporate identity, Ardant can utilise your existing framework and website graphics to create new content.If you no longer have access to your original artwork, we can help recreate or redesign the graphics needed.

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems are back-end interfaces that sit behind your site and allow you to modify content without needing to learn HTML and CSS. If you plan to frequently update your website yourself, with special offers or news items, CMS can offer the level of control you require.

Rather than writing web pages with HTML/PHP and uploading them to your web server (the traditional way of editing a page), updating content in a CMS works a little differently. Depending on your prefered system, changing content on a page can be as simple as logging in to a secure area of your website and editing the data live on the page. Updating pages in this way would require the same skills as you would use to make alterations to a document in Microsoft® Word or OpenOffice™. There is no necessity to learn non-intuitive web developer skills – we can implement a CMS solution that is right for you and your business.

Ardant work extensively with both custom CMS platforms and popular off-the-shelf solutions including WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Example CMS editor

Sample CMS page editor

Our Process

Ardant use a five stage methodology for website development projects:

  1. Preliminary Research and Discovery Phase
    1. Gathering project specifications
    2. Research of the field, market pool and target demographic
    3. Establishing the strategy to best accomplish the client’s goals within budget and time frame
    4. Determining the full and final in-depth scope of the project
  2. Strategic Planning Phase – Creating the Framework
    1. Conception of the website’s page layout and flow using any client alterations requested to the proposed sitemap
    2. Mapping of technologies to requested site functionality
    3. Preparation of page wireframes and content layout
  3. Design Creation and Front End Programming
    1. Conception of the graphic theme of the website, including colour scheme and tone
    2. Implementation of technologies to create a functioning framework
    3. Application of the design to the elements of the site
  4. Content Insertion and SEO Audit
    1. Insertion of the content to be added by Ardant
    2. Analysis of SEO for each page based on agreed target keywords for the website
    3. Adjustment of content based on the findings of the SEO audit
    4. Quality Assurance, Launch and Search Engine Optimisation
  5. Fine tuning of website to ensure client satisfaction
    1. Configuration of live server web hosting
    2. Migration of website from test server to live server
    3. Launch!
    4. Start of SEO, SEM and any additional post-launch services

Throughout the above five phases of development Ardant will provide regularly communicate with the client and report on the progress of the project.

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