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Do you have a great website that potential clients seem unable to find? Are you launching a new online presence and want to make as big a splash as possible? We can help.

Launching your marketing campaign without having a precise strategy is akin to setting up a company without having a business plan – your endeavours may be successful but the company will not achieve its maximum potential. At Ardant Design our goal is to work with you to turn your vision into a reality with a streamlined action plan. We can assist you with your marketing campaign using the following strategies:

Search Engine Optimisation

A recent study by Cornell University revealed that more than 80% of people were reluctant to proceed past the first page of search results, with the entries at the top of the page receiving over twenty times the number of clicks than the entry at the bottom of the page. The chart below shows the average percentage of users’ clicks on Google links in 2017.

Position on Results Page Click-through Rate
Result #1 44.64%
Result #2 28.92%
Result #3 28.52%
Result #4 20%
Result #5 20%
Result #6 14.62%

Many businesses either don’t use effective SEO techniques to help get their website noticed by search engines, or are being penalised by search engines due to poorly constructed pages. Within the increasingly complex world of computer technology, SEO is an area of extremely rapid development. What worked last month may not work this month. For example, Google frequently update and improve their search algorithms, often to the dismay of SEO professionals. Google’s last major algorithm update had a massive effect on the SEO industry – many companies and SEO professionals are still trying to recover from their sudden low rankings.

The dynamic nature of SEO is reflected in the need to stay on top of current technologies and concepts. Whereas the SEO professionals of the last decade would achieve high rankings by ‘keyword stuffing’ (even to the extent of using white text on a white background so they could include text on their pages only search engines could read) today’s techniques are a lot more advanced.

Often, we can improve results by making some very simple, but effective changes to your site. Where heavy competition from rival companies is in evidence, more extensive procedures may be required.

SEO Essentials

Develop Quality Backlinks
The more quality sites you have linking to you, the better the impression you give to search engines

Enhance Page Structure
Poor site structure can negatively affect how search engines read or ‘crawl’ through your site.

Improve Page Load Times
More recently, Google has started to penalise sites for loading slowly. Slow sites will also frustrate your visitors.

Focus on Localisation
To improve the quality and relevance of their results, search engines may use geographical information when deciding which sites to list in their results.

Increase Unique Content

A fifty page website that has a large amount of repetition or plagiarism will score poorly when compared to a ten page site containing purely unique content.

Implement Social Networking
Social networking is proving to be a massive part of online marketing. Harnessing the power of satisfied visitors should not be under-estimated.

These techniques are referred to as ‘White Hat’ or ‘Ethical’ activities, which are generally approved of by search engines. Some SEO companies may utilise ‘Black Hat’ techniques to increase the ranking of your site, which is something that we do not recommend. These activities are heavily frowned upon by search engines – if a search engine discovers your site has been using them, you will either be heavily penalized or even banned from their pages. Most famously, BMW was once blacklisted by Google for using ‘underhand’ techniques.

Ardant can efficiently manage SEO for your business, either in an advisory role or on a monthly contract.

Online Advertising

Online advertising differs from traditional advertising by offering a higher level of control over your campaign. One of the most productive places to show your advert is on the Google search result page. This will enable prospective clients who are showing an interest in your niche area to locate you quickly.

If you were to advertise in a magazine, you would pay a set fee regardless of how many readers saw your advert. Advertising on the Google search results page differs from this model by utilising a Pay-Per-Click system – you are only charged when a user clicks on the advert and visits your site. You can also limit the amount you spend each month – if you wish to limit your monthly spending to £50, your advert will no longer be displayed once that figure is reached.

Ardant can manage all aspects of your online advertising campaign. We can limit your adverts to certain geographical areas, cap your spending to a daily amount and provide detailed monthly reporting of relevant statistics.

Social Networking

Social networking is here to stay. What was initially viewed with caution as a passing trend, has now proved to be a massive part of online marketing. Using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can allow you to reach new prospectives and establish a stronger relationship with existing clients, whilst assisting SEO for your website.

Ardant are able to help you develop good social networking practices, integrate Facebook and Twitter feeds into your websites and advise how to utilise the formidable power of social networking.

If you would like further information about online advertising or social networking, contact us – we are here to help.

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